Why Meghan Markle’s Estranged Father, Thomas Markle Thinks He May Never See Her Again

It doesn’t seem this will end anytime soon. The Duchess of Sussex’s estranged father, Thomas Markle has admitted he may never see his daughter again after a series of explosive interviews, since the royal wedding.

It came after the dad-of-3, Thomas revealed he had not spoken with his daughter, Meghan Markle in months and said he wanted his old life back. Thomas Markle, 74, told The Sun that he wanted to go on holiday and leave the furore with the royal family behind.

”I want to say good luck and God bless to my daughter. I don’t expect to see her or hear back from her — and that’s OK. All I was doing was saying things I wanted to say. I just want to re-establish the relationship with my daughter.”

According to the former lighting director, he has not spoken with his daughter since the royal wedding and he feels he had been ‘cut off’ as a punishment for his staging the fake paparazzi pictures.

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Thomas further said that while his daughter, 37, looked ‘terrified’ in her new role and that she wore a ‘pained smile’, he was concerned his daughter may have read false reports that he faked his heart attack.

This came after Thomas revealed he slammed the phone down on his son-in-law, Prince Harry who launched into a tirade against him for staging paparazzi photos in the run-up to the May Royal wedding, Sun reports.

Harry was alleged to have made that call at the time when Meghan’s dad, Thomas was in the hospital, recovering from a heart attack, and while he was still reeling because his daughter, Meghan had told him he wouldn’t be able to make a speech at her wedding.

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Thomas told the Sun On Sunday:

“I felt disrespected by them. I was recovering from a heart attack, lying in a bed, having a phone call, and the things were being said that hurt me. I felt like I was being blamed for my mistakes when I was in my hospital bed recovering from a heart attack.”

Now Meghan wants time apart from Thomas, the report says. A US source revealed:

“Royal officials have met and discussed how to deal with him complaining that she has cut him off. They know it is a problem.

Meghan loves Thomas and does want to maintain a relationship with him in the long run. But at the moment she feels he needs a bit of space. She also wants to take a bit of time out.

She is adjusting to married life and her new role in the spotlight. Meghan is hopeful that things will get better but it will take time. There is no quick fix.”

Thomas further tells how he was being shunned by his daughter following her wedding to Harry, 33. He made a heartfelt plea to the former Suits star telling her: “I love you and want to talk to you — pick up the phone.”

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The Emmy Award-winning director of photography also said he was concerned about the “pressure” Meghan was under as she begins her new role in public life.

In July 2018, he said Meghan was not answering his calls and that the liaison at Kensington Palace was not answering his messages.

Now, courtiers are understood to have acknowledged that the situation cannot continue but they will only react and reach out to Thomas when Meghan signals that she is ready to speak to him.

The source added: “This will be on her terms. She is the one in control.”


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