Kiki Osinbajo Opens Up On How She Handles Negative Comments On Social Media

Being able to hold yourself together when almost every voice around you seem to be condemning you, is bliss. It is a feat that can only be achieved through inner strength and with a healthy self-esteem.

Kiki Osinbajo, one of the 2 daughters of Nigeria’s Vice President and his wife of 29 years, Yemi and Oludolapo Osinbajo, is not only a young woman with a clear vision but also one who is decided against all odds, to believe who she is through her own eyes.

Earlier this morning, the 25-year-old businesswoman who is the founder and CEO of Glam’d Africa Beauty House, a one-stop venue for all things beauty- clothing, accessories, skincare, hair products, makeup and a nail salon recalled the negative reactions that trailed a favourite photo of hers in which she was wearing henna and a turban.

In her words, she ignored the trolls as she cannot allow people she doesn’t know have such a hold on her.

“My favorite picture ever! I remember posting it and I got a lot of negative people asking why I wore henna and had a turban and all sorts of negative things @bighstudios was so upset and called me and I remember telling him not to worry I liked the picture and that’s all that counts.

(Even if low key I was a bit upset) I told myself then I cannot allow people I don’t know have such a hold on me! People will be negative, people will try to change you, people will judge you, people would hate you for no reason, but my darling you are YOU AND NOBODY DOES YOU BETTER THAN YOU!

Take me or leave me, but as I am because I’m definitely not going to be different to fit anyone’s idea of who I should be! Officially doing me.”

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Kiki is a graduate of Business Management from Aston University. After graduating in 2016, she returned to Nigeria from the UK.

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She says she believes that there are opportunities in Nigeria that can help Africa compete on a global platform, with its own stories and businesses.

In a chat last year, the young intellect revealed that her mom, Mrs Dolapo Osinbanjo was her greatest inspiration and her beautiful spirit has made an impact in her life.

Kiki also revealed that she was passionate about the beauty industry stating how important it is to explore the things that stir one to work hard. She further said she was grateful for her supportive family.

On why she created Glam’d Africa, she said she wanted to create the beauty customer experience she had been craving for, as she had never been able to shop for all her beauty needs in one place.

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