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Reno Omokri Explains Why No Woman Should Be Called Ugly

Reno Omokri, through his regular nuggets on social media, has written on many controversial issues ranging from religion to governance, to relationship between men and women and so on.

The dad-of-3 and former spokesperson to Nigerian former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, recently tweeted that, “No woman is ugly…”

According to the Nigerian lawyer, what is seen as ugliness in a woman is a result of her negative circumstance. In his opinion, poverty, heartbreak and issues such as sicknesses draw out ugliness in a woman. He opines further that when such negative circumstances change, one would be amazed at a woman’s transformation.

He concluded by stating that no woman should ever be called ugly.

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Read his tweet below:

“No woman is ugly. What you see as ugliness is just her negative circumstance. Poverty, heartbreak and things like sickness draw out ugliness. When her circumstances change, you will be amazed at her transformation. Never call a woman ugly. It is a circumstantial lie #RenosNuggets.”

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Omokri, who has an opinion on just about everything, once stated that any woman that receives money from her boyfriend after sexual encounters should be regarded as a prostitute.

According to him, the act of exchanging money for sex is exclusively reserved for love-peddlers and so, women that do same should be regarded as prostitutes.

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