Muyiwa Ademola Reveals How His Wife Helped Him Out Of Deep Depression

Entertainers do a lot of work to keep their audience happy in their highly competitive industry. This comes as no wonder seeing how A-list actors can be usurped at any moment if they are not on top of their games always. Sometimes, when people feel inadequate, it can lead to deep depression. It is always comforting to know that one has a shoulder to lean on during such trying times.

Nollywood actor, producer, director and movie writer, Muyiwa Ademola also popularly known as Authentic, revealed in an interview with Punch that he once became depressed after he felt he was no longer relevant in the industry.

According to the Highly respected actor in the Yoruba movie industry, comedy movies became a thing, and he was also pressured to start doing comedy movies so as not to be out-shined by his competitors but he soon discovered that it was not his calling.

“I have been depressed before and I thought it was over for me as an actor. I am a serious film-maker, unlike some of my colleagues who do comedy. When there was an influx of comedy movies in the industry, marketers wanted me to shoot comedy too.

I tried to emulate my colleagues, but it didn’t come to me naturally. Later, I realised that I was not made for comedy movies; I am made for serious and touching stories.”

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The cool father and darling hubby, 47, who celebrated 12th wedding anniversary with his wife two months ago, further explained that his wife, Omolara was very instrumental in bringing him out of his gloom, and that depression is now a thing of the past for him.

He said during those periods, people felt it was his end as an actor and he was worried too. But, his wife kept assuring him that it was just a passing phase.

“I felt depressed during that period. I had stories that once you saw them, you would just go home and sleep. I felt dejected and thought it was over for me as an actor.

But my wife helped me through those times. She assured me that it was a passing phase and it was actually one,” he narrated.

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The vibrant actor, who plays a key role in a new movie, Bipolar, argued that a lot of people were battling depression.

“Most people are depressed, including celebrities. It begins like a child’s play and grows to the point when suicidal thoughts set in. You may think an individual is rich or has everything, but it is not always so.”

Speaking on his role in Bipolar, he said,

“I play the role of a psychiatrist who discovers that a lady has bipolar. It is a film I like all Nigerians to watch as we talk about an issue most people ignore.

Both the rich and the poor suffer from it; there is a need to show love to people living with bipolar. If you don’t do that, they will get to a point where they think everyone hates them and committing suicide becomes the next option.”

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