Controversial Lawyer, Reno Omokri Shows Fellow Married Men A Decent Way To Cheat

Controversial lawyer and dad-of-3, Bemigho Reno Omokri is out with one of his usual nuggets on marriage and relationships, again.

This time around, the former presidential aide advises men who have cheating tendencies to cheat on their job rather than, on their wives.

Omokri shared on social media:

”Dear men,‬ ‪Cheat on your job, not on your wife. Find the perfect side hustle and ditch the side chick even if she’s perfect. Focus on where you earn, not where you yearn. Devote yourself to chasing clients and restrain yourself from chasing women other than your wife.

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And note that ‬a productive day doesn’t start in the morning. It starts the night before. If you wait until morning before planning your day, it wont be a productive day.

Plan your day the night before, in the serene quietude of your bedroom and you will improve your productivity ##RenosNuggets.”

Omokri and his wife have been married for 14 years now, and their marriage is blessed with 3 lovely children- a girl and 2 boys.

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