Excellent! Here Are Valuable Lessons From How A 4-Year-Old, Micah Adjarkoh Saved His Mom’s Life

The essence of imparting children with necessary and needed knowledge, can never be overemphasized.

Micah Adjarkoh has gotten the attention of the world after he did something not all 4-year-olds can do. The little man made headlines for his boldness at calling and speaking with a 999 operator after his mom collapsed at their home in Camberwell, South London.

The little chap, according to The Sun, knew his mom’s phone PIN as she let him play games with her phone. He also remembered his mom telling him about the emergency number.

From the recorded conversation with the 999 operator, Micah could be heard telling the operator his home address and post code with the help of mom, Chancelvie who was heard coughing in the background.

As emergency crews rushed to the scene, Micah was asked to tell his mom’s name and he replied, “Mummy.”

The call operator kept the conversation going with Micah so as to get adequate information about his mom, and the smart little man was incredible.

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When the emergency crew got to Micah’s home, he was also timely to let them in.

Micah’s 24-year-old mom, Chancelvie spent almost a week at the hospital following a suspected blood clot, and she admitted to ‘The Sun’:

Micah and his mom were guests on UK’s Channel 5 News where Chancelvie relived the truly shocking moment when she collapsed and Micah reached for her phone to dial 999.

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Chancelvie who had confessed that she thought she was going to die was just as amazed that Micah, who only recently turned 4, would remember the emergency code.

Photo credit: Ray Collins

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