Dear MIMsters: I No Longer Want to Have His Baby But I Feel Trapped

I no longer want to have his baby but I feel trapped.

I am a young graduate who has been dating this guy for almost 3 years till date. His family knows me quite well as I do go to his house to spend some days there with him. My guy always cheat on me, makes me cry and would send me out of his house whenever he wants to invite his other girlfriends.

When his friends tell him that what he is doing is bad, he would tell them to mind their business. On this day, a girl came to his house to fight me, telling me to stay away from her boyfriend. Neighbours in the compound were shocked because everyone knows me to be his girlfriend. I tried to calm her down but she just kept on slapping me and shouting at me.

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When my guy returned, his landlord told him what happened. My guy reacted by telling me to go and look for somewhere else to sleep because that other girl was going to sleep in his house that day. I cried all through the night as I remembered all the things l have done for him.

In the past, I sold a land that I inherited from my grandmother and gave him the whole money. The land was sold for N4 million and gave him everything without even collecting a N1000 from it.

Right now, I am pregnant for him, three months gone. He’s denied ever knowing me and the pregnancy when my stepmother called to speak to him about his behaviour. My family is highly disappointed with me and my dad has chased me out of his house because I have disgraced him. Now, I wish I have a mother.

Right now I am confused and depressed. Although I work, I don’t earn enough money. I want to know, should I abort this pregnancy? My friend who I am putting up with has advise me to, so that I can go back to my father’s house. My dad has refused to let me in despite pleas from my stepmother and my family.

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  • some ladies are funny. a man has not married you and you had the guts to sell land and give him the money. if the money was to assist your wedding, better. to be honest with you, you don’t know your worth. sit down and look through your life and start all over. if you want to abort its your choice. go back to your parents and look up to God and he will see you through. if I am not mistaken your people abandon you because you are destroying your life by stay with him. who knows when you leave him, he will see your worth but if he does not change, move on..

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