Alfie Aldridge, Banned From School Photo Shoot Due To His Disability Becomes A World Class Model

Setbacks, they say, paves way for good comebacks. An autistic boy was banned from taking part in school activities due to his disruptive behaviour. Alfie Aldridge was also barred from having his picture taken at school photo shoots as his disability means he struggles to cooperate with large groups of people.

Amazingly, Alfie is now a professional model. The 11-year-old boy has featured in adverts for H&M, River Island and Land Rover so far and his new job is helping him control his behavioural problems, The Independent gathers.

Things at his old school got so bad at one point so much that, Alfie was banned from several school activities, including participating in plays. He was eventually transferred to the specialist Larwood School, in Stevenage, after he was found to have high-functioning autism.

Alfie’s dad, Gary Aldridge, 50, describes him as “a handful” and admits that staff were unable to control him, leading him to be transferred to a school that specialises in nurturing children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

“It really stressed me out,” recalls Gary, who explains that Alfie’s previous primary school didn’t have the resources to accommodate him.

“He lost the best of two years of his life,” he added.

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After enrolling at Larwood School in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Alfie regained his confidence by performing in school plays and was subsequently recommended to a modelling agency by a family friend.

“When my friend John was speaking to me, he spotted the potential in Alfie and said there is something special about him,” Gary explains.

“But I brushed off that comment because I thought he couldn’t have his picture taken, but my friend said ‘anything is possible’. And he arranged for a professional photographer to take pictures of him.”

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