Dear MIMsters: Should I Continue To Cover Up For My Brother? I Am Tired of Covering Up For Him

I am tired of covering up for my brother.We are orphans. Our parents died one after the other mysteriously. The truth is that he hasn’t even sat for JAMB or has any WAEC results. He dropped out when he was in Secondary school and lost interest in school. The rest of us continued even though it was very difficult.

The problem is that my older brother who is 32 years-old tells everyone who cares to listen that he is a student in one of the Universities in this country.

He started telling people that he has secured admission. We knew it was a lie but he begged me to cover up for him so he won’t look like a vagabond. If he had gone ahead to read and write his exams, it would have helped  but he did nothing like that. He keeps lying about being in school and dragging us in to cover up for him, collecting money from people and blowing it away. This is 8 years gone.

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My siblings and I have bagged our degrees but for him the lying continues and he still expects us to keep covering up. I am sick and tired because it’s obvious he’s not interested in going to school. It hurts to see him waste his life and I don’t want to be part of these lies anymore. I have told him I will no longer cover him up.

As if that is not enough, he has been parading himself as a lawyer. I mean her is practising law as a charge and bail lawyer and lies to everyone who cares to listen that he went to law school. This is a criminal offence that I know can land him in jail.

I want to know, will it make me a traitor to report him? I don’t know what to do.

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“Dear MIMsters: Should I Continue To Cover Up For My Brother? I Am Tired of Covering Up For Him”
  • Stop covering him up period. He needs to learn and make something out of his life asap. Tomorrow he will blame u people for supporting his bad choices.

  • Hmmm this is a none issue to me oooo. You don’t necessarily have to start telling anyone that he isn’t in school. When he is telling people to give him money to do school runs make them understand that what they are doing is to their own risk so that they won’t come to you or siblings. By the time you stop condoning his lies you leave him with no choice than to stop.

  • U dont have to say nothing.jst make sure u not roped into his mess.if u have not been talkn to him about dis life stzle please do

  • You should sit him down and talk more sense into him and be firm when telling him that you are no longer lying for him. This way you guys are going, he will bcum nothing in the future and rely solely on you, sometimes causing more harm.

  • Traitor for where? At 32, still deceiving himself. Better sit him down and talk some senses into him. Let him learn a trade or something. Don’t ever cover him up cause you are adding to his problems when you do so.

  • Your decision is the one you and the other siblings should have made a long time ago… Atleast if you stop covering up his lies, he will surely knew you want him to become a better person in life… please your big bro need counselling dear… God help me out of this…

  • Whether u cover up for him or not,the truth is nothing hides forever.Those people he lies to jst to collect money are not fools.They know university education is not forever.So one day they will stop giving him money for that purpose.Your problem should not be whether he deceives people or not but how to make him a responsible man.He doesn’t have to go to school,it’s not everyone that is feeding from education.Call ur siblings sit him down and discuss on the importance of him learning a trade or starting a biz with whatever money he has now or how to raise money for that purpose.lf he is not responsible now,he is going to be a burden on u n ur siblings in future.

  • Stop covering up for him. Its because of it that he has not succeeded . If you people stop to cover up for him, shame will come to.hom.and he will be forced to got o school and find something to do

  • Call him and have a heart to heart talk with him. Let him know you’ve been covering up for him all this while cos U love him but now ur love for him is fast wearing out as he has refused to be useful to himself. Tell him to get something doing or u tell his secret to everyone, this might help him have a rethink.

  • Stop covering for him, but first sit him down and talk sense into him @ 32 he can still further his education. tell him that the next time pple ask about him education you will open up

  • The fact he feels the need to lie shows that he is ashamed of himself and doesn’t feel fulfilled. If he was successful, he wouldn’t have any need to lie. Ask him if he wants to go back to school or learn a trade. Tell him that as a man he needs to stand on his own two feet or else he would live a frustrated life in these times. He needs to make a decision and u guys would have to support him through his decision, either going back to school or learning a trade.

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