”I Miss The Pregnancy Blues…, Let Me Be Your Nanny For A Year Only.” – Caroline Hutchings

The experience of pregnancy varies from one woman to the other but the 9-month course, mostly always end with the birth of those beautiful little eyes and feet that ‘steal’ a mother’s heart without bounds.

Famous Nollywood actress, Caroline Hutchings took to Instagram to reveal how much she misses the whole pregnancy blues, the way babies cry for breast milk, dressing up for a baby, etc.

The beautiful mom of 2 sons and a daughter, from her previous marriage to billionaire, Musa Danjuma, said she would be so happy if anyone would give their baby to her, as she is ready to take up the job of a nanny for a year.

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The post reads:

“I feel like having a baby… I miss pregnancy and nurturing a baby… someone should please borrow me their baby. When the baby is years old I will return your child…can’t run around toddlers.”

The stunning mom who recently adopted a child, shared the post with the caption:

”I miss the pregnancy blues, I miss how they cry when looking for breast milk.. I miss dressing them up 🤣🤣🤣.. I miss eating baby milk while mixing it 😂😂.. I miss late night breastfeeding.

I miss eating anything I like yet having this strong confidence that I am doing it for the baby 🤣🤣🤣🤣. My fav ( shortbread biscuit and milk 12 midnight ).

I miss babies from birth to 1 year . After that na work. Stop it, don’t do it 😂😂😂. Let me be your nanny for a year only 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

A few months ago, Caroline shared the struggles she went through to have her last child who will be turning 4 this September.

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The mom-of-3 revealed that her daughter’s pregnancy was a life and death situation, so much that she was asked by her doctor to choose between saving her own life or that of her daughter’s. In the post, she had also revealed that she was battling with fibroid while she carried the baby in her womb (read here).

When the girl was eventually born, she had two holes in her heart. Miraculously, she is alive till today.

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Following the crash of her 10 year old marriage to billionaire hubby 2 years ago, the actress now a business woman revealed she has dedicated her life to Christ and embraced celibacy.

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