Lagos Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus Admonishes Young Women On Baby Mama Status

Lagos Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Dolapo Badmus has shared her opinion about the issue of young women becoming some guy’s baby mamas.

The popular police woman shared her thoughts following the recent drama between popular Nigerian singer, Wizkid and his 1st baby mama, Ogudu Oluwanishola.

Recall that Oluwanishola, mom to Boluwatife– the singer’s 1st child revealed some shocking details about how the singer treats her and his son with her. She also told about her own unrelenting efforts at getting the singer to be a responsible father to his son, Boluwatife.

The young woman had claimed that the popular singer, who has also fathered 2 other children with 2 different women- Binta Diallo and his manager, Jada Pollock, is not a responsible father to Boluwatife. To buttress her point, she had released screenshots of chats between herself and the singer as proof.

Following all the drama, Mrs Dolapo, -who once said ordinarily, she would not have wished to choose a police job as a career, but for the desire she has that wants to make her help children and women who are being maltreated by male-chauvinists- took to social media to advise young ladies to be careful of men they become close to.

According to her, young women should not become baby mamas because the stress is not worth it. She further said that having a child with a man does not guarantee that the woman would have a place in his heart.

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The police officer, 41, who got married in December, 2017; further advised young women to get their lives together and stop allowing pregnancy to hold them down.

See what she wrote below:

“Warning to young girls out there: STOP opening your body and soul to a man that don’t really care about you! It’s injurious….some of you even go EXTRA Mile to become a baby mama thinking pregnancy will give you a place in his home and heart? Hell NO! All you might achieve thereafter is to be tagged someone’s BABY MAMA!

Is the title worth it? How can you debase yourself just to get an unconventional title of BABY MAMA When you can calm down and get your life moving forward! Yesterday, i had cause to sort out Baby mama and sweet boy issue! It was tough…

The only thing that the young girl could do was to cry and cry with the words “My Life is miserable” Young girls please stop making your dear life miserable just because you want to be identified with a man when you can surpass him in all things if you work hard for yourself…..

NOTE: Pregnancy don’t hold a man down, good values, moral and love do! Don’t be a BABYMAMA especially when you cannot feed yourself not to talk of an unborn child, it turns you to a nuisance.”

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In an interview with The Point 2 years ago, Dolapo, a graduate of accounting, recalled that she decided to join the police force, having found that 25 per cent of women in Nigeria had gone through ordeals bordering on domestic violence, trafficking, rape, homicides and other abuses.

Badmus, who views domestic violence as a violation of fundamental human rights, which the Nigerian Constitution abhors, says:

“There are still several unreported cases bordering on domestic violence that involved women and children. I was touched by the avalanche of reports bordering on abuse of women in general.

I thought within me that there must be a way out. It was as a result of a painstaking effort to reduce the menace of those violations that I decided to enlist into the Nigeria Police Force, which I see as an organisation that will afford me the opportunity to realise my dreams, since I have passion for the uniform job.”

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The police image-maker adds that her ambition to be an officer came to reality on August 15, 2002; when she was enlisted as an Assistant Superintendent of Police.

”I was highly elated, having passed all the examinations that saw me becoming a Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police.

What immediately came to my mind was that, with me and others that might have shared similar dreams of reducing the abuse, the menace would be reduced to the barest minimum,” she notes.

”My area of calling, as far as policing is concerned, has to do with the issue of domestic and sexual violence offences against women and children in this country. Very importantly, I have taken this upon myself as a special duty, since my foray into the police

My affinity to this special call is borne out of the fact that almost every Nigerian woman faces this issue, and there is the need for a fight against it.”

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