Dear MIMsters: How My Husband Is Taking My Forgiveness For Granted

My husband is taking my forgiveness for granted because I keep forgiving him.

I have been married for six years with three kids but my husband has been cheating on me non stop. Imagine, I caught him cheating on me last week Sunday.

My kids and I wanted to go and visit my friend who just had a baby that same Sunday afternoon and my husband was going to the same area too. I told him to wait so that he can drop us there because my car has been at the mechanic workshop but he refused. Little did I know that it was because he was going out with his girlfriend.

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So, the kids and I had to ride in a public transport.

Later, that evening, I called him several times to know if he was ready to go home, so that we will go home together but he didn’t pick up my calls. Again, the kids and I went home via a public transport.

At 10 p.m. that night, my husband returned home and went straight to bed. I wanted to confront him to know why he didn’t pick up my calls but I noticed he was drunk, so, I decided to leave him till the next morning.

At 11 p.m., his phone started ringing. That was when I was trying to put my 5 months-old baby to sleep. I picked up the call to tell the person to call him back the next morning because he was asleep and drunk but I couldn’t believe what I heard: it a woman calling my husband at that time of the night. Immediately I picked the call, she said, “baby, I am home now. Thank you for making my day.”

I wanted to wake him up but I decided to restrain myself because even if I’d confronted him that night, he won’t have understood me. So, I decided to leave him till morning and when I did confront him in the morning, he denied it, got angry and left home.

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He didn’t return until Thursday night. On Friday morning, he apologized to me and I forgave him. Could you believe I caught him again on Tuesday night this week?

On that Tuesday, he left home in the morning. Then at 8 p.m., I called him to know why he was still not at home by that time. He said he was at the mechanic workshop because his car had a fault. I asked him if a mechanic workshop would still be open at that time and he said yes, that the mechanic was still open. I cut the call but I knew he was lying to me. I suspected he was with a woman. And guess what? My suspicion was confirmed when I saw a message a woman sent to him that same night. She was telling him how sweet he was and that she has never been sucked the way he sucked her before.

Honestly, I am so heartbroken right now because I have been begging him for five months now since I gave birth to my third child to touch me but he has refused to so.

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Now he is pleading with me to forgive him but I don’t feel like forgiving him because I know that even if I forgive him, he will still go out and continue with his infidelity. I need advice. Should I forgive him or not because I don’t feel like it?

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