TV Presenter, Jeff Brazier Marries Kate Dwyer 9-Years After The Death Of His Sons’ Mother| Photos

British television presenter, reality TV star, life coach and former professional footballer, Jeffrey “Jeff” Carl Brazier and his PR exec fiancee, Kate Dwyer got married at Portugal’s Tivoli Carvoeiro resort on Saturday.

The couple had announced their engagement in October, 2017; after 5 years of dating. Ahead of proposing, the TV host revealed that he had asked his teen sons- Bobby and Freddy– whom he had with late reality TV star, Jade Goody, who died in 2009; at the age of 27, from cervical cancer- for approval. The wedding is coming 9 years after Jeff’s sons lost their mother.

The TV presenter , who raised his teen son and his new wife, Kate Dwyer tied the knot at the weekend, in romantic ceremony on the Algarve, Portugal.

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The couple who looked happier than ever as they posed for the first shot from the day, was with Jeff’s 2 teenage sons-Bobby and Freddy. The boys – 15 and 14 respectively were Jeff’s two best men for the occasion, wearing matching white and black tuxedos for the clifftop ceremony while PR executive, Kate wore a strapless, ivory satin Merci mermaid wedding dress by Madeline Gardner from Belissima.

Speaking to Hello! Jeff, 39, said of the wedding:

“I’m so happy to marry Kate, who has brought so much stability to my life. This isn’t just any wedding, this is a really special one. It doesn’t just represent Kate and I putting rings on each other’s fingers. It represents the fact that we won at something really tricky. We won at becoming a family.”

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Jeff gushed about his new wife: “She hasn’t just completed one person, she’s completed a family and given three boys a real sense of belonging.”

15-year old Bobby says:

“Dad has found that girl who he’s going to live with for the rest of his life. One of the biggest things for Fred and I is that Kate makes our dad happy.”

Kate teased that they may very well have children together, adding to her adoptive brood.

On Saturday, BBC Sport’s Robbie Savage congratulated his colleague on his wedding day as he tweeted:

“Best of luck to one of our team @jeffbrazier who’s not on the show today cos he’s getting married to @katedwyerPR.” He continued: “Have a great day both of you but make sure you’re back next week mate! Only one Saturday allowed off during the season!”

In an interview with the Mirror Online, Jeff explained how he and Kate have ‘medium-length plans’ to expand their family with Jeff revealing: “We’ve discussed it, it’s going to happen. I think we’re working our way to it. What’s going to be exciting to me is seeing the kids as older brothers, they’ll be incredible. And it’ll teach them about other responsibilities for them.”

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Jeff continued:

“It’ll be fantastic for me too, I’ll get to experience parenting within a relationship and actually be married, because I haven’t experienced that – not even as a child. It’ll be like putting things on track, being a real human being who is married and has a child with someone that he loves and stays with. Not that I didn’t love Jade, but to be with someone where the relationship blossoms and goes from strength to strength… it’s what we all try to create.”

Jeff and Kate previously explained how easily she has become a big part of the family by bonding with his children.

He previously said:

“We spend some lovely family time together as the four of us. I personally love it when Kate does things with the boys when I’m not around. I know the time Kate has with her family and friends is very precious to her and I know that Kate now realises boys are family. When she does take the kids with her, everybody always has a good time. That for me makes me feel like I’m marrying the right person.”

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