Dear MIMsters: Seems Like a Rude Joke That A Husband Like Mine Will Soon Be Ordained a Church Minister

Looks like a rude joke that a husband like mine will be ordained a minister soon. This is why I say so.

My husband’s extramarital affairs is tearing me apart. I’ve tried so much not to allow it hurt me but sincerely speaking it’s not easy. I pray for him and I encourage him in the best possible way I can. I’m still looking under twenty after two kids even though I’m in my late thirties.

I support the home with my little income. I barely remember that I have to buy anything for myself cause I want to satisfy my husband and kids.

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There’s this lady in his office that he’s been in a relationship with. She’s married and yet to give birth. Recently, I stumbled on their chat where I discovered he he’s been romancing her in the office. I called his attention to it but he denied it initially, until I showed him evidence cause I sent the messages to my phone. I decided to forget them even though I knew what was going on. The only thing he told me was that it was a harmless hug he gave her,bla bla bla. They even travel on different occasions for work but he never mentioned to me that he went with the lady.

There’s this other lady in my compound who is my landlady’s younger sister. I noticed when I leave the house in the morning and try to call him later in the day, his line would be busy. This has happened on more than three occasions. I’ll ask but he would always tell me he’s talking to this person or that.

I then decided to check the time on one of those days to know if it was really who he said  he was talking to. When I checked, I saw it was my landlady’s younger sister name that came up but he added my daughter’s name to her name, which made me even more curious.

After a month, this number became a regular caller on his phone. This is the same girl who finds it difficult to greet me when she sees me. My kids play with every other person, except her. She even walks by my husband and I whenever she sees us without greeting. I told my husband about it but he said I should ignore her but their interaction over the phone continued. We have even quarreled about it. I’ve also begged that he should desist from the relationship as I see it as disrespectful to me but he won’t listen.

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Today, I discovered he stored the girl’s name with a man’s name. And she still calls him during office hours. I’m so pissed. Don’t know what I should do. The more I keep mute the more the distance between us. I don’t know what tactics I should use again. Mothers please help me! We are legally and traditionally married. We also wedded in a living church. In fact, my husband will be ordained as a minister soon.
I’ve become a sad person as I can barely share this issues with anyone except God.
So sorry for this long epistle. I could go on and on just for you to understand my point.


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“Dear MIMsters: Seems Like a Rude Joke That A Husband Like Mine Will Soon Be Ordained a Church Minister”
  • You don’t have any business with the girls he is sleeping with so confronting them will only earn you insults and disrespect from those bitches. Protect yourself from STI,plunge yourself into your work and kids,make yourself happy and ignore his sorry ass.One day monkey go go market e no go return