5 Health Benefits of Giving Your Child Green Peas

Ogbugoh Terundu JOY

It it is small, it is round and it is green, sometimes it even comes in the shade of yellow. Many people use it for salad and some for rice,  but this vegetable deserves to be incorporated into the daily meals of your child all for the following health benefits it brings. It is called green peas.

1. STRENGTHENS MUSCLES AND BONES. Green peas contain a high amount of protein, which when consumed in the right amount, strengthens your little one’s bones and muscles.

2. CURES DIARRHEA . If you’re child is stooling, feed him with some green peas. The soluble fibre contained in the peas would absorb the water from his runny stool and add bulk to it, making the stool firm and weighty.

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3. LOWERS CHOLESTEROL. It is true that the body needs cholesterol to build cells. However, when the amount of cholesterol in your child’s body becomes too high, it puts him at the risk of having a heart disease.  But everytime you feed him with green peas, the fibre nutrient contained in the peas fights and reduces the amount of cholesterol already existing in his body.

4. REPAIRS BODY TISSUES. Green peas contain a good amount of vitamin C which develops and repairs your child’s body tissues. It also helps in the healing of open wounds, and maintains cartilage, bones, and teeth.

5. GOOD FOR THE EYES.  The sufficient antioxidant and Vitamin A contained in the peas promotes good eyesight in children

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