Dear MIMsters: What I Told Hubby About His Troublesome Mother’s Impending Visit

Take a minute to read and give me your opinion on what I told my hubby about his mother’s impending visit.

My husband’s people are very troublesome. I have observed that this is not only with me but also with my other sister-in-laws.

They hardly relate peacefully with any of us. In the past, I tried very hard to be friends with them but it always led to one issue or another. So, I decided to totally blank them out for the sake of my sanity, my children’s stability and my marriage.

I haven’t spoken with any of them now in 10 years. They never even make any effort to keep in touch, so I decided to stop trying as well. They always speak with their son but I don’t pay any attention or show any interest in their conversation. My sanity and my children’s perception is more important to me as they were almost driving me crazy 10 years ago.

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Anyway, recently, I observed that my husband is planning to bring his Mum over for a visit. He has decided not to discuss this with me but I know he has completed all arrangements and paper work already. I confronted him and he didn’t deny it. I, however, told him that I would appreciate it if his Mum can stay peacefully with us during her visit.

I told him that I will not entertain her fights, as she did sometime in the past and is still doing with my three sister-in-laws. I also told him that since he usually doesn’t solve problems when his people are to blame, I will have no choice but to involve the authorities (the police) if his Mum becomes too much trouble, more than I can handle.

Was I wrong to tell him that? Please note that this is a woman I have never disrespected even when she made me go through hell in the past.

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