Mom-Of-5, Jessica McGinty Shares This Hilarious Trick For Getting Her Kids To Clean Up And It is Cool

Every mom understands the daily struggle of getting small children to pick up after themselves. Clothes, mismatched socks and toys are strewn around the house and the responsibility usually falls on someone older to return these items to their proper place but mom-of-5, Jessica McGinty was growing tired of being the one to pick up the pieces, so she decided to teach her children a very important lesson in cleaning.

She wrote in a parenting Facebook group:

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“Today I got the kids f***et buckets. Stuff goes in their bucket and if it is still there when they go to bed it goes in the bin. Because f*** it if I’m putting it away.”

An image of the 5 brightly coloured tubs were uploaded alongside the caption and already appeared to have things inside them.

One basket contained a small collection of shoes while another had a flaming haired doll.

Other moms in the group were thrilled by the idea, even suggesting they might try the idea out on their husbands.

“I’ve been threatening to do this for so long… motivation to actually do it? Check,” said one mom.

“I did this with my oldest and will do it again with the next two when they’re old enough (currently 14 months and 3 months so a bit young yet). Be warned though, they will test you and you will have to actually follow through and hit the bin at least once,” another mom added.

However, some moms found the idea to be an ‘awful’ example of parenting and openly criticized the it.

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In response to the moms who criticized Jessica’s style, she had this to say:

“For all the negative ‘nancys’, my kids LOVE the idea of the buckets. Anything I’ve said goes ‘in the bin’ gets donated. Or the big stuff they’ll get back an appropriate time later. I completely disagree that it is my job to clean up after them until they are 18. There are 5 of them. I work and study. My partner works full time also. I am their mother, not their maid. It is my job to teach them responsibility and self sufficiency.”

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