Hilarious! Moms Share Wacky Questions They Googled In Desperation | What Is Yours?

Recently, Mamamia surveyed 100 moms and dads to discover the weirdest and wackiest queries they have laid at Google’s feet – and the findings are priceless as well as hilarious.

Since the dawn of easily accessible internet, Google has replaced friends, family and authority figures as the first port of call for general knowledge and questions. While the search engine is a trusted companion to us all, few people value the digital mine of information more than parents, especially moms all over.

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According to the survey, bodily functions are one of the most common topics searched by parents.

Queries about vomit and poo are asked regularly, in the form of questions like what does a normal poo look like? and how do I get my child to poo?“.

Embarrassed caregivers frequently wondered why their kids ate bizarre items like crayons, dirt and sand, while some befuddled guardians simply googled. “Is my child normal?”.

Children are notoriously messy, so it comes as little surprise that a huge volume of parental queries focused on ‘housekeeping and cleaning.

How to remove paint, grass, food, blood and excrement were all recurring questions.

Others googled questions like: “How to remove snot from a baby’s nose.” “Do they serve alcohol at Disneyland?” “How to wash a penis.” “Why do my kids want to watch me go to the bathroom?” “How much paint is safe to ingest?” “How to make DIY funeral for a goldfish.” “What’s the earliest age you can send a child to school?” “How to remove poo stains from carpet?”

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Neurological researcher, Dr Jacobus Liebenberg previously told the Mirror UK, that technology has become ‘an extension of who we are’.

He said:

Humans are inherently inquisitive and smartphones [with Google] answer our need for immediacy. Before, if you had a question about something, you had to go to the library to look up the information – now, you wonder, you query, you get an answer.”

We will like to know the wackiest question you’ve ever googled as a parent.

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