Motherhood| Australian Mom, Fiona Simpson Suffers Severe Bruises After Protecting Daughter From Hail Storm

Australian mom, Fiona Simpson, 23, was driving from Nanango on the D’Aguilar Highway to her home with her 78-year-old grand mom and her 4-month-old daughter, Clara, when the rain started to pour.

Simpson claimed that she wasn’t aware of the weather forecast in Queensland before she decided to take her grand mom and Clara, to a coffee shop on the fateful day.

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The rain got heavier, and then it started to hail — blowing out a back-seat window of the vehicle and putting her daughter in danger. Without stopping to think it through, Simpson unlatched her seat belt, jumped into the back seat and threw her body over the baby, trying to shield her from the icy pellets that were pouring into the vehicle.

Her split-second decision saved her baby’s life, which got many people on social media singing her praises for the prompt action she took.

Simpson and her grand mom however had to spend a night in the hospital from where she posted confronting images of her injuries on social media. The pictures showed her back, shoulders and arms entirely covered in angry welts and bruises.

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Taking to Facebook, Simpson wrote:

“I’ve learnt my lesson today, NEVER drive in a hail storm! We parked on the side of the road when the storm got to heavy and the hail blew out our windows. I covered my infant with my body to stop her from getting badly injured.
Please, please be careful in this storm season.
I know I’ll be sore tomorrow, does anyone know of a cream or ointment that will help with the bruising? My entire back, arms and head are badly bruised.”

And in no time, her post went viral with many people praising her, while a few scolded her. As a result of comments that her initial post attracted, Simpson edited and added:

“Edit: omg I’m so overwhelmed by all of your kind words, honestly didn’t realise how many people would see it, just wanted to alert people to the danger. It was the storm at kingaroy, we were driving on the nanango to kingaroy high way when it happened. I’m just so relived that my daughter and grandmother are alright. I’ll try some of your ideas. Thank you so much.”

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Though baby Clara suffered a few bumps and bruises herself, when the trio got to the hospital after the incident, she was reported as “happy and smiling and giggling and playing.

Fiona took to Facebook again to appreciate people for their concerns while pleading that her family’s personal space be respected.

See below:

“Hey everyone!

Thought I’d let everyone know that Clara and I are safe at home. Grandma is recovering in hospital and will be home soon. Thank you all for your concern. We’ve had reports at our place all morning listening to our story. I’m glad I set everyone straight as people had the wrong idea of what happened. Brett and I have had hundreds of messages, friend requests and phone calls. We are grateful for your support but ask that you respect our personal space for the rest of the day.

Love Brett, Clara and Fiona”



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