Mums of Little Boys: 3 Handy Things to Know About his Penis

Being a little girl’s mom is is fairly easy, because you know what and how to take care of her, especially her lady parts. You have yours too. When it’s a boy, that can be a different ball game. Their biology is quite different from ours. And that biology also seems to have quite a big part in their day to day activities. Here are 3 handy things to know about the penis.

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Their penis seems to be their favorite body part, maybe because it is the part of their body that they can easily reach and play with. If you are a mum of a boy, you already know these things, however;  if you are expecting a boy and have never had a son before, here are 3 things you should know:

1: The Angle Matters

When changing your son’s diaper, be sure his peepee is not pointing upwards, because if it is, he just might spray your face with a lot of pee. When you put his diaper on, it’s important to make sure everything is pointing down, not to the side. If his penis is pointed up or to the side, you might find him completely soaked. His clothes will be wet with pee, but his diaper completely dry.

2 : It’s Not As Fragile As You Imagine

Accidentally hurting your little boy during a nappy change isn’t something you should be very worried about, however, it’s always good to be gentle during changes. As soon as your son realizes that he can reach his penis, he will begin to tug, twist and manipulate it in ways that might surprise you. However, it’s highly unlikely they’ll break it or hurt themselves. They might find themselves a bit sore, but that wont stop them from twisting and tugging again as soon as the soreness stops.

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3: Your Bathroom Will Need to Be Cleaned Frequently

As it seems with some older men, aim is just not a gift. With little boys that are being potty trained, you will have a lot of dried urine on the floor and toilet sit. The odor of dried urine in a bathroom is not very appealing, and as such you may just find yourself having to clean the bathroom more often than you planned to. Little boys can and should be taught to wipe up after themselves, but inevitably, you may find your self doing this mama.


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