4 Tips For Coping With Stress After Having A Baby

Dayo Richard

The baby is here and everyone is happy and excited to finally meet the newcomer. As time goes on, the excitement wears off as you are faced with the overwhelming task of taking care of your baby. After having a baby, the demands of the baby starts to stretch you a whole lot such that if not properly managed could become stressful.

If coping with the demands of your new baby leaves you constantly stressed out, use these tips to help you cope….

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Create time for yourself: You may feel this is impossible as there are so many things to do, but to avoid a breakdown this is necessary. Spend at least an hour doing what you like. Take a walk, read a book or watch the TV, just anything that will help you relax.

Prioritise your chores: Even when you have taken time to relax, does not mean you have to do a lot of chores all at the same time. Create a list, putting all your chores in perspective. Identify the most pressing chores. Doing the most pressing chores first, will relieve you of a lot of pressure.

Share with others: Being a new mum can be challenging and daunting. Keep in touch with other new and old mums who may be your friends or women you met during antenatal classes to share experiences which can help you cope better with stress.

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Accept help from others: There is no need for you to be a super hero or super mum. Employ hired hands if you can afford it. If you cannot, ask relatives or friends to help you with chores or help you watch the baby so you can run some errands. You may feel you need to do everything for your baby, but sometimes it is good to sit back and let others help relive you of some stress.

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