Dear MIMsters: My Bad Behaviour is Killing Me But I Can’t Help It

My bad behaviour is killing me but I can’t help it. I don’t know what to do.

I am 28 years old. I have been in several relationships but none of them have worked out well due to my anger issues. I stammer, therefore I get angry easily. I have prayed and tried to control it but still I find myself doing the same thing I said I won’t do again and it’s really bothering me.

The second issue I am dealing with is that I developed feelings for guys who are rich and live abroad. While we are dating, I will be disturbing them with marriage talks even when they tell me they ain’t ready yet. If another guy approaches me and he is not cute, rich or from a rich home, I will push him away with my rude attitude. And each time these my rich guys complain that they are broke, I will find myself losing interest gradually.

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I seriously don’t know if this is love or lust but this is what I have been battling with for years now.

Recently, my friend posted her wedding invitation on Facebook. I went through the guy’s profile and noticed that he lives abroad and is from a rich home. I’m envying her now and wish to be like her. I go to the gym every weekend to workout so that I will be slim while my friend that is getting married this Saturday has a big stomach. Yet, she ended up with a handsome rich guy and she’s also from a rich home. I’m so depressed and sad.

I’m a graduate, waiting for service and currently dating someone who is studying medicine abroad. He loves me so so much and tries to provide for my needs but he’s not from a wealthy home and doesn’t really have enough money. He’s a student and also into business. Each time he complains of not having money, I find myself losing interest and we end up quarreling.

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He will always be the one to come around and beg. He’s 31 years old and planning to return in December this year so that our families can meet. Honestly, I don’t know what to do again. I am struggling with so many things and don’t know what to do.

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