How “My Baby Broke My Vagina.” Cardi B Gets Candid On Childbirth With Jimmy Kimmel’s Audience

Rapper Cardi B is not conforming to any of the modest representations of the travails of motherhood and childbirth that the social media very often depicts. And she bared her mind with Jimmy Kimmel’s audience on his show.

Nothing can smother the joys of motherhood, not even the travails of the labour room or the painful stitches to the vagina through which a child makes entry into the world. Yet, the realities of the experience should not be conveniently tossed aside.

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Far removed from the fancy posts and images that the social media serves us on motherhood, Cardi B came home with the honest truth about the real tests of birthing her own and takes quite an exception to the widely circulated ideas of viewing child birth from rose coloured frames, she blatantly confessed to Jimmy kimmel that “it was totally harder, she broke my vagina” in response to his question about whether childbirth was as hard as she expected.

Yes lady. We feel your truth!

On why childbirth proved harder than she imagined, Cardi admits that she didn’t have the entire facts, quipping, “Why nobody told you about these things?” “Nobody told me they were gonna stitch my vagina.”
Prior to birthing her own child, Cardi said other mums told her it would “hurt”, but nothing about what hell ride journey her all-important lady part would pass through to give her child birth. Well, maybe, the other mums wanted her to enjoy the ride more than anything else.

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The vaginal stitches notwithstanding, Cardi B is an ecstatic mum, grateful for her gift. When asked if she’s enjoying being mum to three-month-old daughter Kulture, Cardi replied, “Yes, I am enjoying it. I should’ve had you when I was a teenager,” she jokingly says of her baby girl. “This is what I was missing my whole life? I love you!”

OK, that’s pretty warm.

And yes Cardi has been incredibly open about the realities of motherhood not only on TV appearances—her Instagram has served us with plenty of honest dispatches from her life as a new mom. Like when she gave us her thoughts on “snapping back” after childbirth. And those times she refused to appear on camera because of those new parent under-eye circles — which, well, those kind of never go away, TBH.

While the pop sensation admits to Kimmel that she deliberately shields her daughter from public view, the doting love of a parent is not so easy to suppress and we still get to see adorable snippets now and then of baby Kulture.

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Although Cardi shares that Kulture is “feisty” and “very demanding,” she’s still hinged on having three or four more kids. “I could do this over and over again,” she says.
Hopefully, she’s better informed next time.


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