Ignorant Man, Azeez Rasheed Adeniyi Reveals Why He Can Never Date A Single Mom

A Nigerian man, Azeez Rasheed Adeniyi took to his Facebook page to reveal why he can never date or marry a single mom. The sad thing is he speaks the mind of many men out there who are just as ignorant and as condescending as he is.

According to the Oyo-State born technician, he cannot date a ‘lady’ with kids because she’s more or less like a good riddance to bad rubbish.

He wrote:

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“I can’t date ladies with kids… If she were to be a good woman her ex husband wouldn’t have let go of her. She’s more or less like a good riddance to bad rubbish “I Just can’t buy what i don’t need all because it’s cheap. Maybe because i don’t like anything fairly used not even electronic. So why should i get married to fairly used lady?”

For posting such a myopic thought on social media, Azeez got the ‘thrashing’ of his life, and he has since deleted the post from his page.

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Now, due to the fact that he received all sorts of criticisms from every corner after his controversial post, Azeez took to Facebook again saying he owes no one explanation about how he lives his life.

See below:

I’ve get to a point where I owe nobody an explanation on how I live my life.
This is my life just so you know.

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