10 Signs Your Child May Have To See an Optician Immediately

Ineh Olisah

Did you know that about 80 percent of what children learn in school is taught visually? That means if your child has an uncorrected vision problem, it could severely affect his or her development. Parents of children who paid an early visit to the optician will tell you they most probably noticed a difference in their child’s performance.

A child won’t be able to tell if they are experiencing vision problems on their own, therefore it’s up to parents to rely on visual cues that can determine if an eye exam is needed.

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Here are ten signs that might be seen in a child with vision difficulties:

1. Squinting, closing or covering one eye
2. Holding a book close to the face
3. Losing his/her place while reading
4. Headache, nausea or dizziness
5. Excessive clumsiness
6. Tilting the head to one side
7. Frequent daydreaming
8. Using a finger as a place mark while reading
9. Performing below potential
10. Rubbing eyes repeatedly

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Has your child showed any or more than one of the signs mentioned above? Take that child for a thorough eye examination by an ophthalmologist.

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