The Moment White Groom, Chris Falls As He Carried His Nigerian Bride During Traditional Wedding Ceremony | Video

A traditional wedding reception video of a Nigerian woman identified as Temi and her White husband, Chris has gone viral for a rather humourous reason.

According to the traditional wedding rites of Temi’s people- Yorubas: a groom is expected to carry his bride for a few seconds just to show how ‘capable’ he is; this is in relation to the word: ‘I-gbe-iyawo’ literally ‘carrying your wife.’ Note that ‘Igbeyawo’ means ‘Wedding’.

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However, when Chris rose to the occasion as the groom, his first attempt landed both he and his bride on the floor, with the worried bride asking if he was OK. Chris’ family members’ facial expression was quite hilarious, too.

Nonetheless, the groom did not give up for his second attempt was successful.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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