6 Routine Questions You Should Be Asking Your GYN

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It’s always an awkward procedure when being checked by a GYN. They ask you all these really personal questions that you have to honestly answer like you are talking to your best friend. Only that this isn’t your best friend and your best friend definitely does not have you lying on a slanted bed with your legs up on stirrups.

They invade your personal space but don’t worry about it. Instead focus on getting those embarrassing questions that have been nagging you answered. Here are 7 of them.

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1. Is it normal for my vagina to make noises during sex?

The answer is yes. When air gets trapped in the vagina during sex, every thrust of the penis would result to air being forced out thus those queef sounds you hear. They are called, queefs, not farts. Farts are smelly and as a result of the breaking down of bacteria in your body, being released as gas, while queefs are just trapped air, pushed out by the penis.

2. How do I do kegel exercises and are they really worth the hype? 

Just like sit ups strengthen the abdomen and triceps firms the arms, kegels strengthen your pelvic floor muscles thus resulting in a tighter vagina and control of urinary inconsistency. So, yes, they are worth the hype.

To perform kegels, first esure you’re bladder is empty. Then, tighten your pelvic floor muscles, hold still and count to 8. Relax the muscles, and try again.

Repeat this as many times as possible every day. It can be done in any position

3. Why do I leak urine when I laugh or sneeze?

Stress incontinence. Any activity that puts additional stress on the bladder would make you leak in the process. To avoid this, practice your kegels consistently. Avoid fizzy drinks which irritates the bladder and wear panty liners.

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4. Is douching okay?

No. The vagina is self-cleansing, which means it takes care of itself. All it needs from you is water and a clean trim.

Douches and soaps would alter the healthy balance of the vagina’s flora and pH levels, thus making you vulnerable to infections.

5. What causes fishy smelly odour in the vagina?

Sexually transmitted diseases could be the cause of this but sometimes it’s just poor hygiene or wearing tight fitted clothes that do not allow your vagina to breathe. Such clothes can cause bad bacteria to get trapped in your vagina and the end result would be a foul odor.

You should bath at least twice in a day. Clean up properly after every toilet use. Wear loose fitting cotton pants and none at night. Trim your vagina hair really low or completely.

If the smell persists, you should get a swab test done to determine if and what type of STD could be behind it.

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6. Why can’t I have orgasms?

  1. Bad positioning. You may not be positioning your body in an angle that would tickle your g-spot.
  2. You may not know your body well enough to communicate that to your partner, and show him how to please you.
  3. Stress and distractions.
  4. Not properly lubricated.
  5. Having observed all of the above, some women still won’t experience vaginal orgasms no matter what they do right- it happens. If this is you, try reaching orgasm using other means such as, clitoral stimulation, fingers and even sex toys.
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