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How To Bounce Back To Your Pre-Baby Shape After Delivery

Ineh Olisah

Most new mums can’t wait to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy shape or even better. While bouncing back comes pretty easy for some mums depending on certain factors such as mum’s fitness, age and hereditary, for others losing the baby fat comes with a price. But with discipline, determination and consistency, you can get you body looking and feeling good.

Well, it’s now time for you to stop wishing the baby fat away and start doing something about it. Take decisive steps towards regaining your post-pregnancy body. Here’s a few guidelines to help you.

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1. Set a goal
Set realistic weight loss goals. How many pounds or kilos are there to lose altogether? On a weekly basis, how many kilos do you hope to lose? Is one or two kilos a week realistic for you? Set your goals and get to it.

2. Get a Scale and Measuring Tape
Apart from showing your accurate weight, a digital scale could give you an insight on how much you lose or gain each day, putting you in check and in control. Don’t expect drastic changes from day to day as failure to see any major can be depressing. Rather, celebrate those little differences and be inspired to keep going. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and another and another.

Measure your midriff once a week and write down the figures.

3. Be Active
As it is tradition in this part of the world, there are probably too many people eager to care for you and your baby that there’s next to nothing left for you to do. So, when you’re not  breastfeeding, you settle for ceaseless naps, lying or sitting down most of the time and flipping channels.

You’re probably being fed with generous portions of all kinds of delicacies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The aim is to spoil you and ensure that you are resting, but all that may soon leave you with more unwanted fat to worry about.

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While I encourage new mums to rest, do not get lazy.  Apart from helping your body heal faster, being active will increase your metabolism. Activities like walking and climbing up and down a flight of stairs can be done from the very next day. I had a c-section and was told to start walking the next day. I hated my doctor for even suggesting it, but it was for my own benefit. As long as you don’t feel dizzy, walk as much as you can.

4. Settle into an Exercise Routine
This is the part most women don’t want to hear. Start doing light exercises, like walking, climbing up and down a flight of stairs, stretches then gradually progress into cardio. Stop if you feel dizzy. Note that it’s important that you get your doctor’s approval before starting any rigorous exercise regimen, especially if you had a c-section.

5. Breastfeed Exclusively

Exclusive breastfeeding helps you burn 600-800 calories per day. If you are not eating ‘for two,’ exclusive breast-feeding affords you a convenient means to shed quite a reasonable part of the unwanted baby fat and get back to your pre-pregnancy weight in no time. But ensure you are drinking plenty of water.

6. Don’t Eat For Two
Reduce your food portions but eat healthily. It’s not about the quantity but the quality of what you eat. You may eat up to five times a day but in small fistful portions. Eating a balanced meal of foods that are high in fiber like cereals, fruits and vegetables to keep you full for long, and foods rich in protein like beans, chicken, fish.

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You can still eat your carbs but in very small portions.  Eating healthy is important to give you and your baby the required nutrients in appropriate quantities. Cut out excessive sugar intake by eliminating fizzy drinks and sweets from your diet. Your weight loss is eighty percent dependent on diet and twenty percent on exercise.

7. Drink Water Like Your Life Depends On It
The importance of drinking cannot be over-emphasized. If you are breastfeeding, you want make sure that you are well hydrated because there will be a huge demand of fluid on your body. Eat fruits and veggies with high water content like oranges watermelon, apples, carrots, strawberries, and lettuce. Apart from keeping you well hydrated, drinking plenty of fluid will make you feel full, thereby minimizing your hunger or crave for food.

So, approach losing that baby fat with less anxiety, consistent hard work and determination, remembering all the aforementioned in mind (no shortcuts) and you’ll be smiling at your mirror again soon enough.


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