Men Caught Spraying Beans With Insecticide ‘Sniper’ To Be Sold To Unsuspecting Customers

Kudos to every ‘1-minute news reporter’ who make good use of their smart phones to alert the public on the inhumanity of man against man.

An Instagram user with handle @farmtour2016 has raised an alarm after he spotted some men using ‘Sniper’ as pesticide to kill weevils in their to-be-sold beans, in the market.

The concerned man recorded their action on a video which has since gone viral. Unfortunately, not only were the men applying sniper to the raw beans, they were seen trampling with their shoes on, all over the beans, and afterwards, the beans was bagged for sale.

Sniper is known to be a dangerous insecticide that should not come in contact with food but out of greed; and in their bid to make profit, these beans sellers used it to ensure their beans stay weevil-free.

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Recall that a few days ago, a young maid identified as Taibat had poisoned her employers’ pot of soup with an insecticide. The last that was heard of that issue was that one person was dead while 4 others were battling for life. (Read Here)

On wednesday, another man identified as Chidi Okoye had raised an alarm when he saw some market women washing bitter-leaf meant for consumption with very dirty water. (Read Here)

This ‘reporter’ claims he had seen quite a couple of this anomalies at popular Iddo market, Lagos. He attested that he had also severally cautioned them against it but they never listened to him, hence his taking to social media to share the video.

Watch below:

“Short of words! Snippers as preservatives? I actually saw these a couple of times at iddo market.
I challenged them severally,but hey am just an individual who is ready to eat clean.
What we buy from the open market isn’t monitored by any regulatory body here in Nigeria, in short Africa…”

What is the way out of this inhumanity?!

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