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Dear MIMsters: An Update Of The Shocking Discovery I Made About My Husband

Good evening beautiful people. I am the woman who posted few weeks ago seeking for advice on how to handle my husband who has stopped having sex with me for over 2 years now. We’ve had sex 5 times only in almost 4 years. Recently, I made a shocking discovery about my husband.

He doesn’t want us to move to a better home even though he can afford it and we are currently sharing a room with our kids.

Two weeks ago, I took one of his phones and set it on recording. Last week Saturday, when he wasn’t around, I listened to the recordings on same phone. I noticed two numbers, he stored one woman’s name with the name of a guest house and the other one with the name of a computer school.

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He called up the one the one he saved as a ‘guest house’ asking her where she was. She asked him if he was going out and he said yes and she told him that she would be coming to see him at a designated guest house. The other woman he saved as a computer school, he called her to ask her if she was there and she said yes, then he asked her to open the gate for him. He called the same woman later that night. Asked her if she was sleeping and she said yes, then he promised to call her the next day.

After hearing these conversations, I felt bad but at the same time, I was happy to know he is healthy and he knows what he is doing. I have been so worried, asking myself what was going on. I thought his lack of interest in having sex with me was due to stress. It got to a point that I didn’t know what to think anymore. The whole thing has made me depressed.

So, after church on Sunday, I asked him if he prefers sleeping with women outside, instead of me his wife. I told him that I am happy that I have finally found out what he is doing and that I will also look for someone I like that I can be sleeping with. He was like I want to die.

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He denied having anything to do with the girls. He told me that they are his business partners who he takes to the guest house and that I can call them to confirm. I almost believed him.

After preparing and serving him lunch that day, I asked him for his phone and played the recordings. He was shocked but at the same time denied everything. Surprisingly, another recording came up in which he called the guest house girl asking her if anyone called her using his phone and she said no. He even told her that incase anyone calls her and is not his voice, she should hang up the call and that if I call her with another number, he should tell me that he only brings his business partners to the guest house.

I couldn’t listen to everything he told her because I had to go outside in shock. This means that he called this woman immediately after I confronted him. I said a lot of things to him but he’s still claiming innocence up till now.

He hasn’t explained anything to me and we have not been on talking terms. I usually do not check his phone before but I just did this because I really wanted to know what was going on. Which is why I played my discovery for him to listen to, so that I can stop monitoring him before I die of H.B.P.

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I told him to make arrangement for me and my kids to return to Nigeria because it is obvious he doesn’t love me. I didn’t force this man to marry me and I don’t know what I have done to deserve this type of disrespect and treatment from him. I am not dirty, neither am I that ugly. I don’t even know who to talk to. I do know that if I continue in this marriage, I don’t think I can be faithful to this man again. I have really tried and endured. Only God knows if he is also gay. God bless you all

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“Dear MIMsters: An Update Of The Shocking Discovery I Made About My Husband”
  • From the conversations he had with these women there is no proof that they are having affairs. I know you are frustrated but Please don’t rush to leave the marriage without making necessary plans on how you will sustain yourself and the children. Definitely he has more secrets that you have not discovered. You were too fast to disclose your findings to him, you should have finished all your investigations before confronting him.
    By the way how do you want to be making love in a room you share with your children? If you have only had sex 5 times in 4 years, how did you conceive to have these children or he used to have sex with you regularly before and he suddenly stopped? You need to tell us more about your marriage because I believe something must have happened to stop him from sleeping with you that you’ve not disclosed to us.

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