Teacher, Tuoyo Lori Sexually Abuses His 6-Year Old Student, Reveals Why

A 35-year old Nigerian teacher identified as Tuoyo Lori has revealed that he didn’t know what pushed him into trying to defile his 6-year-old female student after school hours, on Friday, in Jakpa/Ekpan, Delta State.

According to activist Israel Joe, the suspect had taken the girl to an empty classroom, undressed her, closed her mouth, removed his trouser and was already making efforts to penetrate her, when he heard some movements.

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He afterwards quickly dressed up commanding the little girl, who by then was already injured around her vagina, not to tell anyone what had happened.

The little girl couldn’t obey her teacher totally so she told her sister, who then reported to their mom and the school authority was alerted.

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During questioning, Tuoyo admitted to the crime, but stated that he didn’t know what came over him. The DPO of Ekpan police division was subsequently notified and he was duly arrested.

Not long after, Tuoyo’s mom rushed to the police station to beg for mercy, while revealing that he had been battling with rape issues for long and had also been taken to multiple prayer houses for deliverance, all to no avail.

Magnanimously, she has been assured that her son will be thoroughly delivered when he gets to the Okere High Prison following this latest rape report.

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