“Tonight I Faced The Monster An Average Woman Faces Everyday”-Nigerian Man Declares He Is Now A Feminist After Shocking Encounter

A Nigerian man has declared he is now a feminist after a shocking encounter with domestic violence.

The worldwide debate for women’s right is gaining momentum even in Nigeria and Nigerians on the Twitter app more than any other can attest to the vibrant voice of Nigerian feminists , mostly women who share their thoughts on equality and never back down or retract their positions even in  the face of unending criticisms by their male counterparts.

The rising prominence of the subject of feminism is challenging the status quo and even more men are rethinking some of their originally held views .

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Just today another male twitter user has chosen to be a feminist after witnessing a shocking encounter.

The Nigerian lawyer with username @Newton_Samson related his encounter in a series of tweets.

Continue to read his tweets below:

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