Teacher Takes Discipline To Another Level, Brutalised A Two-Year-Old For The Most Flimsy Reason

A teacher took discipline to another level when she brutalised a 2-year-old girl because she pooped on her body.

The child’s mother who is justifiably irked by injuries inflicted on her 2-year-old daughter by her teacher shared photos of her child’s sore body.

The mother revealed that the teacher flogged the girl so much because she pooped on her body.

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In the photo shared on Instagram, the child’s fragile back is seen marked with angry red marks as a result of the brutal beating she suffered at the hands of her teacher.

Read the mother’s post below:


“I’m literally going crazy, like losing my mind!!! How can a teacher beat my 2yrs old daughter like this, and to this extent? Just because she pooped on herself/body?

How do I go about this cos I’m boiling inside and I don’t want to do something I might regret later. @wives_and_mothers”


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