British Neo Nazi Group Calls The Duke Of Sussex, Prince Harry A Traitor, Threatens To Assassinate Him For Marrying Coloured Meghan Markle

A British version of a violent American neo-Nazi group has called for Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, 34, to be shot calling him a ‘race traitor’ for marrying mixed-race Meghan Markle, 37.

The Atomwaffen Division was founded in the US around 2013 with the aim of destroying civilization in order to build a national socialist state, and has been linked to 5 murders.

Its UK offshoot is known as the Sonnenkrieg Division, which a BBC investigation claims was set up by university student, Andrew Dymock. The 21-year-old, who is the son of a dentistry professor from Bath, denies this or any other wrongdoing.

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The BBC also alleges it had evidence identifying one of the group’s key propagandists as Oskar Koczorowski, a 17-year-old from west London.

Andrew Dymock (left) and Oskar Koczorowski were both named in a BBC investigation as members of the Sonnenkrieg

(Andrew Dymock (left) and Oskar Koczorowski were both named in a BBC investigation as members of the Sonnenkrieg)

Its investigation found hundreds of messages exchanged between neo-Nazis in Europe and the US over several months. These included key figures in the Atomwaffen Division, which is German for ‘atomic weapon’.

The group’s leader, Brandon Russell was sentenced to 5 years in prison earlier this year after police found bomb-making materials in his apartment in Tampa, Florida.

Members of the Hitler-loving terrorist group are also known to practice hand-to-hand combat, camping, survival and firearm use skills. The chat logs also provide information on the creation of the Sonnenkrieg Division.

The BBC claims ‘Blitzy’ is Mr Dymock and that he and Mr Koczorowski were involved in spreading propaganda.

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Below is a threat image posted by a member of the group showing Prince Harry with a gun to his head with the outline of a swastika and the caption ‘see ya later, race traitor!’

Mr Dymock told the BBC through his lawyer that its allegations were ‘wholly incorrect’ and he was not a member of any of the groups mentioned. The lawyer said any interest he did have was ‘associated with his studies’ at university in Wales.

The BBC will be passing all its evidence to the police.


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