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Dear MIMsters: How My Husband Pushed Me Into Adultery And I Am Loving It

Listen to me you dear single women out there, if you ever decide to get married, DO NOT marry someone you love more than he loves you. OK? My husband pushed me into adultery and I am loving it.

I have my faults, I do and I know but no woman should ever have to go through all of these sh*t with a man in the name of marriage.

I met him when we were in the University. He was in his finals while I was in part 1. We met through a mutual friend who was having some challenges in her course of study and who he was helping to press some buttons. Eventually, that our mutual friend had to make some adjustments to remain in school though she lost some years.

I remember our mutual friend told me they were just friends with no strings attached.

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Well, he asked me out and even though I did not run it by our mutual friend because school was already out of session, and there was nothing like GSM then, I asked him to confirm to me if there was anything beyond friendship between the two of them. He told me he asked her out but she said she could never date him. However, he said that that was when they were in part 1, he also said that was the beginning of their friendship.

If that wasn’t the first signal for me!

I did not agree to date him, I never did but someone, we were always in each other’s company. He told me about a girl he had promised marriage to but who was then abroad. He said he would like to honour the promise he made to her.

I also told him about the relationship I was in then but which was kinda going no where. I wasn’t loose but I was never short of men. Reason being that I am a very strong woman who had been independent almost all her live. I grew up as an orphan and I had always been strong. Until I got into an affair with him, I never said “I am sorry” to any guy. The guys I dated were always scared of me, why? I do not know but he was the first guy who could look me straight in the eyes and call my bluff. Maybe that was why I fell in love with him.

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Anyways, he graduated and left the school. Remember I said there was no GSM then, so we lost touch.

Looking back today, I wish we never reconnected.

But we did in an unexpected way.

When we reconnected, I was already with another guy who worshiped the ground I walked on but I couldn’t marry him because I did not love him enough coupled with the fact that I was so frustrated with the kind of love or sorry, the way he ‘worshiped’ me that I laid my hands on him a few times. Yes, I was violent towards him but he refused to leave me alone.

Eventually when my old flame resurfaced, I ditched this guy and moved back to him.

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That marked the beginning of my dilemma…

(Continues in Part 2)

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