New Mum Gabrielle Union Has A Truly Special Message For You

There is a reason why new mum, Gabrielle Union is considered a sweetheart by many people. For those who follow the actress’s life on social media, it is not hard to see that the mum of one is practical and down to earth with strong ideas, but most importantly, Gabrielle is a kind soul, who enjoys to share her light and truth with others.

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Since the emotional arrival of her baby, Kaavia on November 7, 2018 via surrogate, Gabrielle has continued to share tit-bits of her journey with the world.

Her transparent accounts of her struggle with infertility has allowed even more women and families to identify with her. Having a child hasn’t been the easiest journey for her and she has been brutally honest about her travails.

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Her struggle with Adenomyosis, a condition in which the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus (the myometrium) and the painful nine miscarriages she suffered as a result, are aspects of her private journey that she has bravely shared with the world.

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In a new Instagram post, the actress shared a truly special message of hope, and survival, acknowledging that families have unique histories that make them special.

See her motivational post below:

“Every family is unique. How each family is created is created and comes together is special. Kaavia James Union Wade’s journey into our arms was long and at times brutal.

There were heartbreaks that nearly broke us and streams of tears that turned into raging rivers. And then came Kaavia James. This is our birth journey.

Thank you all for the love, support and understanding and all the people who held us up when we lost hope. Watch it with love. Watch it with hope. (Full video on my IGTV”



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