Nigerian Rapper, Speed Darlington Shares Powerful Insight On Beauty Standards For Women

America based Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington is the guy everyone loves to hate, but the BangDadaDang crooner is known to voice his bit, no matter what anyone thinks.

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Speed Darlington began to trend on social media sometime in 2016 after a couple of his music videos hit the internet, the overwhelming response to his work was criticisms, and not a few considered him a little too confident for the ‘quality’ of music he was putting forward.

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Although, many Nigerians find the singer entertaining for his controversial statements rather than his craft, the singer has remained relevant on the entertainment scene, with a sizeable number of fans, evident from his over 60k Instagram followers.

In one of his many controversial outbursts, the rapper had said he would contest for the seat of the president of Nigeria come 2023, which many have laughed off as part of his attention seeking social media posts.

In 2017, when he released his famous BangDadaDang single, while many Nigerians entertained themselves poking fun at him, Award-winning American rapper Diddy took to his Instagram to share a video of the rapper trying to explain the meaning of his popular slang, “Bang Dada Dang.”

I love this. Brother! He inspires me!!! Bang DIDA DANG!!! #moodforever#teamlove.”

Diddy wrote.

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The BangDadaDang crooner told men in a recent video that they contribute to women’s insecurities through the kinds of things they say and do.

See transcription of his video below:

“Girls them see their beauty through our eyes.

If a big butt pass and you look at it, another girl is looking at you. In her mind she registers that big butt is in, look at him look at her.

So, when you say negative things about our skin color, it registers in our girls’ mind that we’re not beautiful. And this leads to bleaching cream.

Be careful what you say when you’re upset. Don’t make statements like; see as she black like amala dudu. Instantly, it has a psychological effect on the girl.

We, guys have responsibility too. OK?

We can’t be talking about ‘girls don’t bleach, girls don’t bleach’ yet guys keep saying things to make them insecure and then they end up bleaching.

So, all of us in diaspora from home to abroad…”

Sharing the video, Speed wrote:

“We all have responsibilities to our identity and our race.

Word is bond be careful what you say about yourself your group your race.”

The rapper has been praised for his insight even though, a few people pointed out that the rapper was equally guilty, seeing as he prefers to feature women with big derriere in his videos.


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