Polish Man, Mariusz Sz Locks Wife In Basement, Charges Men £4.20 To Get Her Raped

When a man turns animalistic towards the very woman he vowed to protect and with whom he had pledged ’till death do us part’.

Polish man, Mariusz Sz has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for confining his wife (Name withheld) in a dark cellar where she was repeatedly raped by him, his brothers and their friends at a fee, in the small village of Parszczyce in Pomeranian, Poland.

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The victim was allegedly beaten, starved and repeatedly raped by her husband – dubbed the Polish Fritzl in local media – and his two brothers and friends.

A judge, Marta Urbanska, confirmed that the victim was imprisoned in a cold, dark cellar, in which she was deprived of access to drugs, personal hygiene and the possibility of dealing with her physiological needs under dignified conditions.

Urbanska added:

“She was starved, forced to eat meals with her bound hands in a kneeling position. Meals were prepared in a manner that denied her dignity.”

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According to Daily Mail UK, Mariusz’s two brothers – Andrzej and Marian – with their friend, Tadeus, are also being charged with rape whilst the victim was in confinement and they are facing a minimum of three years or a maximum of 15 years in prison if found guilty.

Mariusz was said to have ‘rented’ his wife out for £4.20 (about N2,000), putting a bag over her head and letting men, who could pay him the amount he charged have a go at his wife.

The police are still investigating to know how many men in total, raped the victim.

SOURCE: DailyMailUk

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