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Dear MIMsters: My Sister-in-Law Won’t Release My Kids To Me

I want my kids back but my sister-in-law won’t release them to me.

When I was 23 years old, I got married and had my kids, a set of twins. Two months after giving birth, my husband and I got invited to Australia for a job application we submitted. Work permits were given to us immediately and we didn’t have enough time to process my babies’ visas. It was really difficult for my husband and I because our lives was just starting.

My husband’s family held a meeting and we were told to leave my kids with my sister-in-law who has not been able to have her own kids. It was a really difficult decision for me and my husband to make, especially me, but we had to take the job cause it pays really well. So we did and left for Australia without the kids.

Sorry for the long story but the thing is, I want my kids back but my sister in law doesn’t want to release them to me. I have talked to my father-in-law about this but he is also saying that I should leave my kids with her until she conceives. The one that breaks my heart is seeing my kids call her mummy. It makes me so jealous. I want my kids. I gave birth to them I won’t be going back to our base in Australia with my husband come January even if he insists without them.

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My kids are beautiful and have grown to become beautiful girls. They are five years old now. Few years ago, whenever we try to work their traveling visas, she would cry and beg my husband and father in law to leave the kids for her. Now, SIL and I are not are not in good terms because of this.

My husband on the other hand, loves his sister so much that he does everything to please her. She’s his only sister and sibling.

I need help, how do I get my kids back? I can’t put up a fight with them because my husband has been begging me to hold on for him for a while. I want to be a mom, feel what it’s like to be the mom that I by bringing my kids back and have a family. My life is incomplete without them, I miss them. Please advise me on what to do to get back my kids.

1 Discussion on “Dear MIMsters: My Sister-in-Law Won’t Release My Kids To Me”
  • Pls try and give birth again nobody can stop you from Having your kids but try and give birth again you can easily get them by that time. If you love your kids you need to protect them, don’t talk about it again. They can harm that children after giving them to you spiritually. Be wise pray for your family restoration. You can also get them a visiting visa.Don’t let them trap you they may even destroy your marriage for that.I advise you to pray very well and be patient. Pls don’t do anything funny. Think about all the things that could go wrong.pls get your pastor.

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