Inspired By A Post By Blecyn, A Twitter User, Nigerian Women Give Reasons For Rejecting Proposals

After a Nigerian woman with Twitter handle Blecyn @Blesyn1 took to same to reveal why she rejected a marriage proposal from a man she was in a relationship with, more women also shared their personal reasons for turning down proposals.

According to the creative writer, she rejected the man’s proposal because of the size of his penis saying:

“I rejected a marriage proposal because of the size of the D.
Can’t come and die before my time.
Most happy women in a relationship/marriage are not happy because of the size of his D, but because of the size of his pocket and how generous he is.
The earlier the better.
2ndly being good in bed is the main package, size of D is the add-on if it is what she likes.”

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Some tweeter users found her tweet hilarious while some thought it was outrageous, with a few asking her how she knew the size of the man’s penis if she wasn’t getting down with him.

See their tweets below:

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