Domestic Violence Victim Wants Husband Released To Her| Video

Nigerian man, Moses Nnaekpe took to his Facebook page to share the story of a woman he encountered who had just been battered by her husband.

Showing the graphics of the victim, Nnaekpe explained how he waded in, the aggressive reaction the abuser accorded him, how he got the victim treated and how he ensured a prompt arrest of the abuser.

See below:

“I was coming home this evening and I stumbled on this woman that was beaten by her husband. I took her to the husband to find out what happened, he told me it’s none of my business that he has the right to beat her. I quickly sent her for treatment and got the idiot arrested.
Every home has its challenge, but we must not result to this. If this guy isn’t tamed now, he may kill this woman one day. #ReportDomesticViolence


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Giving an update on the incident, Nnaekpe shared the video of the victim requesting for the release of her husband from the police. She requested that the matter be settled within the family while the man is made to sign an agreement that he wouldn’t lay a finger on her ever again.

In the video, shockingly, Nnaekpe could be heard telling the woman to also desist from whatever aggravates her husband so that there would not be a reoccurence.

See the video below:

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