See What Nigerian Man, Vincent Idumonyi Did To A 16-Year Old Girl He Met On Facebook| Video

A Nigerian man identified as Vincent Idumonyi has been apprehended by the police for abducting and raping a 16-year-old secondary school girl in Benin city, Edo state.

The story has it that Idumonyi met the victim (Name withheld) through Facebook where she gave him her telephone number. After a month of chatting, the suspect arranged to meet with her in a hotel somewhere in town. When she got there, he held her hostage for three days and demanded ransom from her family while he was at the same time sexually assaulting her.

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It was also gathered that Idumonyi threatened to inject his victim with a deadly substance if she raised an alarm; this helped him in raping her without suspicion.

Afterwards, Idumonyi contacted his victim’s family and demanded for 500,000 naira before he would release her.

Eventually, he got them to part with total amount of 382,000 naira.

See video of Idumonyi’s confession below:

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