“It Is Wrong Of You”- Bride-To-Be Slams Bridesmaid For Getting Pregnant Before Her Wedding

A woman has been branded a ‘bridezilla’ on Reddit -American social news and discussion website- after she vented her anger at finding out one of her bridesmaids had gotten pregnant ahead of her wedding.

The bride-to-be who took to the platform to vent her anger had asked if she’s ‘allowed to be p***ed’ or whether she was just being ‘selfish’ by her reaction.

Concerned about how the development would affect her wedding, the displeased bride-to-be also explained that she was equally worried about how the pregnancy would impact her upcoming bachelorette party because the bridesmaid in question was supposed to be organizing the ‘super secret’ soiree.

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She wrote:

“Long story short, I just found out that one of my bridesmaids will be five to six months pregnant on my wedding day. This bridesmaid was also planning my super secret bachelorette party that I know no details of, but I’m assuming it involved drinking that will probably either be changed or canceled. Although I might be thinking the worst, I personally think it’s wrong to get pregnant when you’re part of the bridal party and not tell the bride.”

Her post was met with a barrage of responses, with most disagreeing with her and calling her out on her behaviour.

See some of the comments below:

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“Is it possible that she didn’t tell you because she knew your reflex reaction would NOT be “Congratulations! Let’s get you a bridesmaid’s dress that is comfortable!” but instead, “This is going to f*ck up my bachelorette party?”

“It’s good that you are entertaining the idea that this reaction is selfish. It means that there’s hope you won’t bridezilla all over the place. I think you should send her some congratulation flowers with a note about how excited you are for her.”

“You can’t ask someone to put their life on hold for your wedding. You are being selfish.”

“As for your bachelorette party, that just means she won’t be able to drink. I’m sure you can still have the party you want.”

A commenter insinuated that it could have taken the woman years of trying to have a baby.

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“Her family planning timeline is her business, and she is under no obligation to put that on hold until after your wedding.”

“This sort of attitude is self-centred. Your bachelorette party is just one night. Your friend’s pregnancy is the creation of another human that will last a lifetime.”

“Many people wait until the first trimester is over to tell people, because if they lose the baby, it’s devastating to have to tell excited people over and over again that your baby died. So no, your bridesmaid was not obligated to tell you anything.”

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Do you think the bride-to-be is justified or not?

Kindly tell us what you would do if you happen to be on either side of the divide.

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