Too Many Nigerian Men Marry Not For Love, But Due To Fear And Inferiority Complex- Twitter User, Subomi

Nigerian strategist and investor Subomi, took to her Twitter handle @subomiplumptre to share an unpopular opinion about Nigerian men.

According to Subomi, we may have been looking away from the true causes of infidelity, and domestic unrest in marriages in Nigeria, and that Nigerian men sometimes marry out of guilt, pity or inferiority complex.

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The widespread narrative is that many Nigerian women do not marry for love or out of conviction, and that societal pressure, economic reasons, among other factors force them to ‘settle’, while knowing from the get-go that trouble may lie ahead.

But Subomi is possibly looking at matters from a more wholesome viewpoint, she alleges that many Nigerian men have been involved with the women in their lives for so long, that they feel having pulled through many profound experiences together, they owed the women marriage.

she wrote:

“Too many Nigerian men marrying women because they owe them,

(They’ve been together a long time, have had abortions for them, have had their kids, have given their virginity etc), not because they love them.”

She continued to say,

“Afterwards, they start ‘checking out’ and calling exes, because they are not ‘happy’ “.

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In another tweet, she wrote:

“Another one. Too many Nigerian men marrying other women because the one they really like scares them. They cannot ‘control’ them.”

See screenshots below:

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