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Parents Be Warned: After Almost Losing A Child, Nigerian Physician, Dr. Nonso Sounds A Note Of Caution

Many Nigerians resort to self-medication and self-help where their health is concerned. The habit itself, may be informed by ignorance , but more commonly, it is due to the limitations in the healthcare system in the country. One Nigerian medical practitioner, Dr. Nonso has called attention to the dangerous pattern of seeking medical interventions from quacks.

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In trying to gain relief from symptoms or improve their health, many Nigerians are constrained by their financial power as well as lack of dependable systems to access healthcare, and therefore, find alternatives.

Patent and Proprietary medicine Vendors (PPMV) commonly called ‘chemists’ in Nigeria are critical stakeholders in the distribution of healthcare, but they are not to be trusted with diagnosis or treatment. Although, they are licensed to patent Over The Counter (OTC) drugs.

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Dr. Nonso took to his Twitter page to share his encounter with a child who after being wrongly injected by  a “chemist” nearly gave up the ghost.

He wrote:

“Stop allowing quacks treat you.

A “chemist” injected a child with antibiotic mixed with lidocaine meant for the buttocks into the veins Lidocaine went straight to the heart and stopped it!

Rushed child to hospital, it took us almost 2 hours to get his heart beating again.”

See screenshots below:


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