Nigerian Youth, Tolulope, Reveals How She And Her Greedy Boyfriend Cost Her Dad Everything

The last has not been heard of the “O jewa ke eng?” trend on Nigerian Twitter.  The question said to translate to “What’s eating you up?” in the English language, as if by hypnosis, continues to propel users on the app to tell otherwise very private and secret stories about their personal lives. But one lady, simply identified as Tolulope, is probably the most spellbound because her confession has alarmed other participants.

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Tolulope, responding to the trend-starter’s, @prinzgbemi, aka ‘Gbemi Lagos’ question said she devised a plan and pretended to have been kidnapped, so she could extort some money from her father.

The plan worked according to her, because her father did not suspect a thing and actually paid the ransom. The ransom was received by her boyfriend, who then got greedy and decided to actually kidnap her for real.

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Apparently, Tolulope, though a prodigal child, was very much loved by her unsuspecting father, who then sold his packaged satchet water (pure water) factory to raise the demanded ransom a second time, in a bid to rescue her from the hands of her ‘captors’.

Based on further account from her, the incident left him broke and he developed a stroke shortly after.

Read what she wrote below:

” I once faked a kidnap of myself to get money from my dad, my boyfriend collected and now actually kidnapped me and requested another random from my father which made him sell his pure water factory, he got stroke from thinking about his present state”

See screenshot below:

Many twitter users found her story incredible and some thought she had revealed too much.

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