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See Why 20-Year-Old Model, Mansi Dixit’s Life Was Cut Short By A Teenage Photographer

Bollywood speaks love, colours, and fairytale endings and has projected the image of India unto the world in endearing terms, yet the very frequent reports of brutal sexual assault and rape of women escapes from behind the theatres to give India quite an unpopular image when it comes to the safety of women. Mansi Dixit is the latest statistic.

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Recent reports emanating ftom India say A 19-year-old aspiring photographer, Syed Muzammil, cut short the life of a 20-year-old model,  Mansi Dixit,  for refusing his sexual advances,  despite having known her only a few days prior.
Syed Muzammil, 19, allegedly hit Mansi on the head with a wooden stool when she refused to have sex with him in Oshiwara, India.
Mansi then fell unconscious before Muzammil allegedly molested and tried to rape her.
He then allegedly strangled her, stuffed the body in a bag, and booked a taxi, the HindustanTimes reports.

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When the driver asked why his bag was so heavy, he cancelled the taxi, reports said. He then reportedly booked a different car which took him to a back road where he dumped the bag.

The driver phoned police who discovered the body, reports said. The murder allegedly took place at his home on October 15 last year.
According to reports, Muzammil said in a police interrogation:
“I called her on the pretext of a photoshoot and demanded to have sex with her.
When she refused, I hit her on the head with a wooden stool.”

Muzammil was arrested at his home, while reports say his family acknowledge the teen has mental ailment, and anger issues.

See other photos of Mansi and Syed below:

Source: Hindustantimes

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