Morolake Carter Painfully Narrates What Her Mom’s Lack of Trust About Being A Virgin Did To Her

In the ongoing “O jewa ke eng ?” (What’s eating you up?) on Twitter, a young Nigerian woman, Morolake Carter, 25, has opened up on how her mom’s mistrust led her to give up her chastity before she was ready to let it go.

According to the obviously embittered young woman, at the age of 16, her mom had accused her of having sex and had taken her to a hospital to carry out virginity test in order to prove her innocence or lack of it.

She recounted how she had had to confess to what she did not do when she got to the hospital because she wanted the ugly episode to end. After then, Morolake made calculated moves to get deflowered and now, she wants her mom to give her her virginity back.

Sadly, Morolake says all she desires to do now is spit in her mother’s face and tell her she is a slut because she made one out of her.

Read her account below:

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“When I was 16 my mom accused me of having sex. I kept insisting I hadn’t so she got a matron to come and do a test. A thread.”

“My friends and I had imagined all sorts. How do you test for virginity?”

“One of the girls said her grandmother once tried putting a whole egg into her vagina. If it drops inside it means you have lost the virginity.”

“The thing is even with my legs wide open I couldn’t understand how an egg would enter inside. I had only managed my fingers.”

“The matron came and asked me to lay flat on the bed. She put on gloves, inserted two finger inside me , removed them and told me to get up.”

“What did that mean? She took me back to my mother and started shaking her head. My mother asked me to start confessing because they had confirmed it. I started shedding tears like a tap.”

“I had never had sex. What sort of accusation was this? I “confessed” though. A whole letter of lies because no one was believing my truth and I needed the nightmare to pass.”

“My mom “forgave” me. A year later before I went to uni. I texted one of my random male friends “Hi, can you come and have sex with me”. He was excited. I already had the mentality that that was all men wanted.”

“It was weird and dry and painful and he just kept trying. I was irritated , I had picked the wrong boy I thought he’d know better since he was in uni and had babes He couldn’t believe I was a virgin. Why did I choose him? I told him to leave my house. It wasn’t that big a deal.”

“Just like that. I had lost it. I’ve grown into a very sexual person but I still wonder if it was worth it. Couldn’t I have waited? Kept it.”

“My mother accuses me of being a dirty slut and sleeping with people’s dads. I never have but then there’s no point explaining. I’m 25 now and I really want to spit in her face and tell her that if I’m really a slut, it is only because of her.”

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A mom tried to plead on Morolake’s mom’s behalf:

“Replying to

Believe me she tot she was doing the best for U.We mothers pass tru lots of pressure raising daughters. forgive her. Am raising 2 18,15 teenage girls and i am always on my toes around them. Somedays i just sieze their phones and go through.. It’s not so easy raising a girl child”


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