Emmanuel Rowland Expresses Shock After Discovering His Parents Hid The Truth About Who He Is

A young Nigerian man, Emmanuel Rowland has taken to Facebook to express his utter shock and dismay after finding out at the lapse of 2 decades of his young life, what about him his parents have been hiding from him.

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Like a classic Nollywood story, Emmanuel, 21, pictured right,  grew up believing that he was an only child. According to him, growing up  without a brother or sister made him lonely, and the experience was very difficult for him, but 21 years down the line, he finds out, he actually has a brother, and a twin at that.

Emmanuel said he lived with his single mother and did not have any real relationship with his father, as both his parents were separated.

The young man further narrated that he found out about his twin brother in August 2018, when his father called to inform him of the circumstances that led to both parents separating; shortly after he and his twin brother were born.

The pair have now reunited after 21 years and Emmanuel says he and his twin, who was not named, are the best twin brothers in the world.

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Read his post on Facebook below:

“Have Been in tears have been in pains my mumy..y. do you have to hide my twin from me

2016 one of my aunty said Emmanuel u have a twin jst lk a joke I took it, I didn’t ask 4da

Since 1997, I grew up with no siblings no sister no brother, she doesn’t even knw how hard it was 4 me growing alone mum y….mean while I had 1 hidden from me chai. Nigerians are wicked oh GOD

Last year 2018 August 8 I received a call from dad, tho we ain’t close so we don’t communicate due to mummy and daddy issues.

We spoke 4 an hour explaining things to me how der got separate and how she took me and gave my brother to dad this so sad that have lived without a broda not jst a brother a twin my twin. I wish der wer in my shoes,der 4 knw say it wasn’t ez…I needed som1 to be der 4 me stand by me laf with me and joke/cry with me, BT thanks to GOD I went to Cali we did the introduction”

And now we the best twin bro in the world.

See screenshot below:

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