Dear MIMSters: Contrary To My Fears, I Found Mercy

Yes, you read right! Contrary to my fears, I found Mercy!

Let me start by saying thank you, MIM for providing this platform for people to tell their stories. I have been blessed immensely reading stories and comments on your platform and I think it’s about time I share my story, too.

I also pray someone would learn and get the needed encouragement from my story.

Thankfully, your platform allows anonymity so I would not hold any information back so expect a lengthy narration.

I would call myself Mercy because that is what my life is all about.

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I was 5-years old the first time I was sexually abused. My abuser put so much fear in me that I could not speak out about it until three decades after. He did not stop at that one time, he continued till I was about 10-years old and my family relocated. He was a bachelor who lived in the same compound as my parents.

In those five years of sexual abuse, sex, though initially a torture for me; later became pleasurable. I somehow looked forward to my parents leaving the house then I would sneak into Uncle John’s room (That’s his real name though) and get down with him. He would do so many unprintable things to me and tell me over and over to make sure no one knows about it.

There was a day I snuck into Uncle John’s room and met Omolara there. Uncle John asked me to go back to return later. He said he was teaching Omolara some things and my staying there would disturb them.

Suffice to say, Uncle John was molesting us at the same time. Omolara was my age mate and class mate. I hated her for sharing Uncle John’s time with me. Before I found out she was also getting down to it with Uncle John, she was my gist partner but after then, she became my rival. Funny right?!

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Omolara wouldn’t quarrel with me. She was the first person to let me know that what Uncle John was doing to us was wrong. I was an only child for a long time and our ‘Face Me I Face You’ accommodation at that time gave room to every parent watching over every child like their own. So my parents were comfortable with leaving me in the house while they went to work. My dad worked in a private company while my mom ran a provision store. She would return home in the evenings with a lot of goodies for the children in the compound. Many mothers would struggle to let her know they were the ones who looked after Mercy even though none knew what Uncle John was doing to me.

Omolara had older siblings who would watch adult movies called ‘blue film’ when their parents left home so over time, they started allowing Omolara and me watch with them. It became easier for both of us to practise what we saw in those movies with Uncle John.

After some time, Omolara said we needed to ask Uncle John for money if he wants us to keep coming to him. She even threatened him that if he did not give us money, we would expose him. Uncle John started to give Omolara money because she was better at having ‘sex’ with him, and according to him, Omolara was riskier than me but he wouldn’t give me money. I wasn’t after money though because my parents were well to do and I had almost all that I wanted.

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Omolara had Uncle John wrapped around her little fingers and I could only have him if she was not around. She also started to blackmail me into giving her money or else, she would tell my parents what we were doing with Uncle John. Omolara started making money from both ends. LOL

When my parents decided that it was time for us to relocate, I was already 10-years old and I was glad. Though I would ‘miss’ Uncle John, I was going to be rid of Omolara and I was determined to find a man I would wrap around my little fingers in our new house. I have learnt how to be in charge from Omolara and I wasn’t going to do less.

I became a terror in our next place until my world came crumbling down…

(Continues in Part Two)


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